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(no subject)
And its love
It locked.
Comment to be added.
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ah fool.
add me fo-shizzow.
'cause you makez me smilez, yo.

hah sorry. i'm lame and i speak ebonics sometimes. that wasn't really ebonics. that was just horrible spelling and grammar.
anyway. keep me, fooool!
<3 youuu.

I refer to that as "gangster talk"
But you will obv. be staying on the list, why would you even ask, silly you.

Add me? i love your layout

But i don't know how to credit, do i just like write it?

well i think you just put it in your bio cuz that's what i do :)
its a music only livejournal where you can download from there.
add me back? and keep a track on the new stuff
take care, have fun :)

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