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And its love
1world history-steck.

2spanish 3-guarrera






8fashion des.-dufour

I don't really care that much about it, know why, cause I have monte!!! ahhaha
and various other things that will hopefull happen over th course of the year!

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good luck with 8th period fashion design with dufour. alli said that was a bitch.

uh i had her for study, she is like the definition of bitch.

haha dufour sucks and so does that course

which brown for geom?
JA brown sucks ass..she's a gutterslut
chris-brown was awesome, but she resigned..she's going to teach somewhere else. and i havent had any of the other teachers, but have fun with all that:)

true dat, JA Brown= worst math class of my life.

ahah yeah but my sister told my mom that she would be good for me to get "into shape"
oh fun!

dufour is a monster.
and I only had her for a study last year.

yeah, uh i'm like dreading that...:(

your lucky you have all your hard classes at the beginning of the day. i always end up with my hardest at the end. D:

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